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AAMC announces appointment of Executive Chairman and CEO

AAMC is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Chapman to the position of Executive Chairman and Paul Allan to the position of Chief Executive Officer effective Monday 31 October, 2016.
As Executive Chairman, Steve Chapman will be responsible for driving the strategic direction of the business to ensure AAMC develops a broad capability in the market as well as the ability to rapidly adapt and grow in an ever-changing industry.

Current National Sales & Business Development Manager, Paul Allan, will be responsible for the management of our people and operations as Chief Executive Officer.
Announcing the leadership changes, Steve Chapman said: “As AAMC has grown it has become necessary to divide the strategic and operational responsibilities currently held by the General Manager position.

“AAMC co-founder Simon Manolaros and I believe now is an excellent time to appoint Paul as Chief Executive Officer as we work towards developing our strategic intent for the next three years.
“The appointment of a CEO focusing on the day-to-day management of our people and operations and the appointment of an Executive Chairman dedicated to the development of a strong overarching strategy provides an environment where both areas are fostered without compromise,” Steve Chapman said.

Together, along with the wider leadership team and our dedicated employees will ensure we continue to provide an exceptional service experience for our clients into the future.

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