AAMC and Stelvio integration

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AAMC and Stelvio today announced their collaboration to begin the integration process between AAMC’s flagship software AdjustIT+ and the latest version of Stelvio’s EstImage software.

The integration is a first for both organisations and aims to change the way specialist service providers deliver value to the industry.

“It’s no longer enough to provide a service in isolation. To deliver true value organisations need to work together to identify common touchpoints and ways to boost each other’s service offering” said Steve Chapman, Managing Director of AAMC.

“Developing effective eco-systems means service providers leverage the expertise of each other to deliver a seamless experience for clients.”

Integration between the two systems will have a positive impact on labour costs by removing data duplication, subsequently improving data quality as well as minimising overall response times.

“Steve and I sat down to discuss how we currently service our mutual clients and what we could do to eliminate pain points and provide greater value,” said Albert Carbone, Founder and Director of Stelvio Australia.

“We identified that the greatest gains could be delivered via comprehensive integration between our systems which will also allow the flexibility to deliver new service offerings in the future.

“AAMC and Stelvio are now on track to accomplish precisely that, with our two technical teams working as one on this common objective.”

Integration development will be conducted in stages with full deployment scheduled for mid-year.

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